Exactly How Kirsten's Three-Step Process Works

Step One: Discovering Your Brand*

  • Kirsten sends you a dozen questions upon which to reflect before you have a 90-minute brand interview with her. You'll also share with Kirsten anything else that will help her get to know you well (e.g., StrengthsFinder results, MBTI, your parting letter to your team, relevant emails from colleagues or bosses, Podcast or media interviews)
  • Kirsten conducts and records a brand interview with you and may send you customized exercises following
  • Kirsten creates a draft of your brand summary and presents it to you in your next 45-minute Zoom meeting with her
  • While you are contemplating your brand summary, Kirsten develops an outline of your resume and determines what else she needs to know
  • Kirsten has a 60-minute meeting with you to discuss the brand summary again and interviews you for resume content. You may need to email Kirsten some additional facts and figures for your resume following this meeting.

* Two coaching hours are added to this step when clients are unsure of their targets. Some clients also want external feedback on their personal brands, and they have Kirsten administer the 360°Reach assessment in this step.

Step Two: Writing Your Career Marketing Materials

  • Kirsten sends a draft of the Experience section of your resume to review as a Google Doc
  • Kirsten meets with you on Zoom for up to 60 minutes to get input on the Experience section and presents the rough draft of your BrandedBio for initial feedback
  • Kirsten finishes the draft of your Branded Bio and sends it to you as a Google Doc, along with your updated resume draft that now contains the Executive Summary based on your bio
  • You review the resume and the bio and send your feedback to Kirsten in a document with tracked changes or make a phone appointment with Kirsten to discuss
  • Kirsten makes another round of edits, proofreads and runs the documents through Grammarly, professionally formats your resume in MS Word or Pages (your choice), and sends you the document for final suggested edits and approval
  • Kirsten sends you the finalized documents, including a PDF file

Step Three: Branding Your LinkedIn Profile

  • You send Kirsten your LinkedIn login credentials and any updated headshots
  • Kirsten logs into your profile, ensures that update notifications are turned off, and updates your Headline, Headshot, Summary/About, Experience, Skills, and any relevant media links
  • Kirsten meets with you on Zoom for up to 45 minutes to discuss and implement additional edits to your profile (including branding your background/banner), teach you advanced LinkedIn techniques, and provide customized guidance on activating your next steps
  • Kirsten sends you a project wrap-up email that also has your banner artwork (if applicable) and recommendations for managing your profile going forward

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