Who are your media executive clients?

My clients hold senior-level positions on the business side of all the major media companies. Their titles are President, COO, CIO, EVP, SVP, VP, and Director. They lead functional areas, including Distribution, Strategy, Business Development, Corporate Development, Ad Sales, Marketing, Operations, IT, Corporate Communications, and Finance. They also run the media practices of professional services, consulting, VC firms, and agencies. Some are CEOs of tech companies that have developed solutions for media companies.

My clients respect my time and what I can bring to the table. They are intelligent, self-aware, and empathetic. They are high-achievers who have already reached many of their career and financial goals and would like to approach the next phase of their career and life in a more socially-conscious way. They aren't ready to stop working, but many are thinking about how to "give back" in ways that will have a greater impact. Some are also taking what they know to serve as Adjunct Professors or guest lecturers in MBA programs or entrepreneurship courses. Others dream of writing a book and having a speaking platform. Many are incubating businesses as investors or advisors.

Why hire you?

I've helped hundreds of smart, ambitious executives realize more personal success and meaning from their careers by getting clear on who they are and the legacy they want to leave. As a result of our work together, my clients think bigger about their vision and long-range goals. Then I reverse engineer their messaging to help bring those things to fruition.

Most providers who specialize in executive LinkedIn profiles and resume writing will just launch into those projects without taking the critical first step of helping you think through who you are, what you want, and what you uniquely offer. Not only do I do this in the first step of our work together, but you will get a written Brand Summary.

It's difficult to assess your own unique value objectively and discern what will be relevant and compelling to your target audience. When I'm on your team, I make it easy.

One of my highest values is originality. I approach every project like a blank sheet of paper so that what I create for you is a genuine representation of you—in your voice. My clients have the courage to present themselves in ways that aren't like everyone else.

Once we package your brand, I can provide ongoing brand-building support. I'm a planner, and I can help you choose the one or two strategic activities that you can do really well which will make the biggest difference.

I've walked my talk when it comes to significant brand-building activities. I've written a best-selling book, been quoted frequently in the media, and spoken to large national audiences.

I very often hear, "You're like my career therapist." I'm told I'm a good listener. I can personally empathize with many of my clients' career and life challenges. I've experienced multiple career transitions, become a visible leader (while being a private introvert), and designed my work around who I am. I also became an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist when I realized that sometimes you also need a proven process to work through what's weighing heavily on you so that you may move forward and have more joy in your life.

May I see samples of your original work?

Of course! Feel free to ask me for this during your discovery call with me.

How do I get started?

Use the link at the bottom of this page to schedule a 30-minute meeting to explore working with me. You can select a Zoom meeting or have me call you. I'll review your LinkedIn profile before this meeting and talk with you to get an understanding of your background and goals. I'll make individualized recommendations and ask if you are ready to move forward with booking your project. You'll schedule your 90-minute brand interview on the phone with me, and I'll send you an invoice to contract for your project.

How does the payment process work?

Once we meet and I understand your specific needs, I will send you a proposal. Most clients initially invest in my signature package. The full payment is due when you schedule your project. This is a common practice in the career management industry and acts as a retainer to hold your place on my schedule, as I only accept 3-4 clients/month depending on other projects. I accept all major credit/debit cards, including Amex. If you would prefer to make an ACH transfer or mail a check, I'll provide those details. If your company will be paying for your project, I'm happy to register as an approved vendor under their terms.

Will you optimize my LinkedIn profile for the algorithm?

I've been helping clients brand their LinkedIn profiles since the beginning of LinkedIn and am abreast of the ways LinkedIn continues to change. I understand where to place keywords for maximum impact and how taking advantage of all the sections of your profile can help you to be found for the right things.

Before LinkedIn existed, I was an original pioneer of the online career portfolio (a service called Brandego, a name I later sold. That was back when I also had a podcast on iTunes in 2004, which was way ahead of its time). This background makes me think about all the ways we can also enhance your LinkedIn profile with thought leadership or what I like to call, "proof of performance."

What is the process of working with you and how much time should I allocate for our meetings, preparation, and reviewing drafts?

You'll find that I do most of the heavy lifting on your project. The time you'll invest in providing the information that I'll need and reviewing materials I create for you will carry you for many years to come. Here is what you can expect.

Do you have connections to other resources for me?

Yes. I can make connections for you to Executive and Board Recruiters for senior media executives. I also have the top branded headshot photographer to recommend. He can either do your shoot in his studio or coordinate it with someone in his network, prepare you, and help you select and edit your photos.

Where are you located? Will we meet in-person?

Because I can live anywhere, I chose to relocate from Bronxville, New York to Exeter, New Hampshire in 2002. I now live and work in vibrant, picturesque Portsmouth (the third-oldest city in the U.S. and New Hampshire's only seaport) where I can walk across a bridge over the Piscataqua River to Maine.

While your project will happen remotely, I do end up meeting many of my clients eventually. My youngest daughter now attends Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, so I make regular trips to New York.

If you would like to work with me in person, I can also set up a luxury retreat program in Portsmouth for you or travel to you. Portsmouth can be a stop on your way to or from the NH Lakes Region or White Mountains, Portland, Kennebunkport, Acadia National Park, or even Montréal or Québec City.

Will I be happy with your service?

My longstanding business reputation is dependent on satisfied clients, and I will make every effort to ensure you are pleased with the results of our collaboration. My goal is to create final deliverables for you that cause you to say something like, "You've really captured who I am and what I do. I couldn't have done this without you."

Just curious. Your work seems very rewarding. How did you arrive at what you do for a living?

I became interested in the world of career management after experiencing several opportunities to be outplaced early in my career. I was working at an ad agency on the Peugeot Motors of America account when Peugeot decided to stop selling cars in the US. I then went to the agency's LA office to work on a new business pitch for a luxury car that Mazda was going to be introducing. We won the account to launch the Amati. You've never heard of it because they pulled the plug on it, so I got laid off anyway. But, I did have a memorable workday put on by Skip Barber Racing School when our team test drove all the competitive luxury cars, and we created fascinating customer service case studies (what we saw as Amati's opportunity for differentiation). When I was working on brand licensing for KahIúa in California, I opted for an exit package amidst a reorganization because I wanted to move back to New York.

One outplacement trainer was presenting the concept of Me Inc., which resonated with me having come from an entrepreneurial family. I had become frustrated that I wasn't more in control of my career destiny even though I had a very good education. That's when I decided to go to NYU at night and on weekends for two years (while working at an HR Consulting firm that provided employee assessments—a job I'm proud to say that I landed by responding to an ad in the employment section of The New York Times) to get a Certificate in Adult Planning and Career Development. This was an excellent program where I was taught by professors who are recognized leaders in this field, and I still use much of what I learned today.

I started my own practice after my first daughter was born to have more flexibility as a mother. My business has evolved over the years as I've incorporated more comprehensive methodologies, embraced changing technologies and platforms, and narrowed my target audience, but I've never looked back.